Tuesday, June 15, 2010


ahaha. My tumblr is so screwed nobody goes there and i think its cus my posts were all reblogged and they're all too kpop-ish. so i've decided to officially turn that tumblog into a k-pop dedicated blog (crazy i know but just deal with it lah!) since i love to reblog posts hahaha.

and i know lotsa you out there doesn't like k-pop so yeaaaa. this blog is a normal one :) but it may still contain a teeny bit of kpop. but not like the other one i promise!!!

OKAYH! so recently i've been slacking alot since its the hols and i've forgotten how to study D: but i've finished all my accounts corrections so *applause!*

okay why am i in such a hyper mood? hahaha nvm. so i really have nothing else to say here. cbox will be the same as the one in my tumblog :) and i'll be going to taiwan this thurs so pls look forward to a post with colourful pictures!

alright tata!

p/s: i love to syok sendiri so don't mind me pls

Friday, January 15, 2010

back to zueee

Okay, after so many months of tumblr-ing i came to realise that im getting lazy on blogging which is not good cos i like to tell the whole world what im up to/how im feeling/hows my life.

So i've decided to revive this blogger and use my tumblr as a blog for random stuff like reblogging pics that i like or posting random songs/vids. Basically like a blog for junks, while this one is more to a personal blog about my daily life.


so school've started for 2 weeks already. Tuitions and ko-ku activitieas are filling up most of my time and i hardly have the time to have fun ( except for jamming ). I'm panda eyed and stressed out.

my addmath, modmath and accounts teachers are actually quite nice :D

til then, i'm feeling very tired now.

Monday, December 14, 2009